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For Don <3

Whitney Abatemarco

Whitney Abatemarco

Why I Run

Don was an incredible part of my family who came into our lives bringing love and light to everyone he met. He made us laugh until we cried and always paid attention to what mattered to other people. He made life more fun, and most of all gave my mom, my sisters and me a true example of what unconditional love feels like.

In May of 2013, Don was diagnosed with stage 4B Metastatic Colon Cancer. He fought a long 10 month battle and sadly left us in April 2014. We lost Don too soon, and every year in February we honor his life by walking/running in the Sacramento Undy Run which benefits the Colon Cancer Alliance, a nonprofit that is dedicated to helping save lives, spread awareness and find the cure to Colon Cancer.

Our team, "Derrières for Don" is always looking for new faces - we'd love you to join us! If you can't make it, you can honor my family and me by getting screened for Colon Cancer or helping our team fundraise. Thank you for all of your love and support!



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