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Heidi Scott

Heidi Scott

Why I Run

As I approach my 7th year cancer free. I reflect on what a dark time it was walking through the uncertainty and fear of cancer treatment. Unbelievibly, it was one of the most beautiful times of my life as well. I was absolutely lifted up by family and friends who were beacons of hope and light through their love, kindness and compassion to me, Dave and the boys. I've decided to participate once again in the Sacramento Undy RunWalk to pay tribute to my milestone and remember those less fortunate. I am hopeful that one day cancer will be a disease if the past as scientist work tirelessly to find a cure. Thank you Colon Cancer Alliance for being an advocate for research, support and a cure!! Please join me and my kick ass team! HEIDI’s HINEYS on February 16, 2019 at William Land Park as we skip, jump, walk and run in celebration of this amazing thing we call life✨

If you'd like to support my involvement in the Undy RunWalk by either joining my team or a contirbution, please visit my page.

For more information on the Undy Run/Walk, please visit Undyrunwalk.org or the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's website at CCAlliance.org.

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