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Shannon's AmBASHador Page

Shannon Timberlake

Shannon's AmBASHador Page

In the 629 days I was gifted to know and love Peg Myrick, she brought more joy, love, happiness and a true zest for life than I've ever felt. I remain honored to have been in her life, to help make her days easier and to try and show her as much love as she continually showed me.

As a caregiver for someone living with colorectal cancer, the hardest challenge is that throughout the rough days, there isn't a lot that you can do besides just being there. Knowing that you'd give ANYTHING to ease the pain and suffering of your loved one—and can't—is difficult. But, learning to lean on those around you, talking with those working through similar battles, and continuing the conversation to educate the public about taking symptoms seriously helped ease the feeling of not being able to take away the pain.

The awareness and education that the Colorectal Cancer Alliance provides in regard to the explosive growth of colorectal cancer in folks under 50—coupled with the dedication of the tight-knit colorectal cancer community—gives me hope that we truly can eliminate this disease in my lifetime.

Peg and I spoke frequently about how to continue to share her story and her message of finding a cure. She was an AmBASHador for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance last year, and loved the opportunity to be a loud voice in the fight against this terrible disease. It is an absolute honor to become an AmBASHador in Peg’s memory.

Please help me continue Peg’s story by supporting me with a
donation. Any amount brings us closer to ending this disease in our lifetime.



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