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Renee Fromkin

Renee Fromkin

Why I Run

I am participating in the Tampa Undy RunWalk on February 10, 2019 at Al Lopez Park.
Once again I am thankful and grateful to be an ELEVEN year colorectal cancer SURVIVOR! The 7th Annual Undy/Run Walk is approaching to raise awareness through early detection for colon cancer and SAVE LIVES!
I know firsthand about hearing the words "You have cancer" and the challenges of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. I was a free spirited athletic runner and tennis player who thought I was invincible and never dreamed this could happen to me. My personal experience has made me an advocate to encourage people to have a colonoscopy as early detection is crucial and will SAVE LIVES. My beloved sister, Paula, and I were diagnosed with colorectal cancer one month apart, unfortunately she was diagnosed too late and lost her battle on December 19, 2007. I miss her every day and know that if I can make a difference in saving even one life, I will honor my sister's memory. Early detection is the key!
Please support my involvement in the Undy RunWalk with a tax-deductible donation. Your support will help us prevent colorectal cancer and save lives.
If you would like to run or walk the name of my team is Renee's Rosey Cheeks!

For more information on the Undy Run/Walk, please visit Undyrunwalk.org or the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's website at CCAlliance.org.

Thanks for visiting my Undy Run/Walk page!


raised of $150 goal

Recent Donations

1. Jackie Lew
2. Virginia Straub
Wow, 7th year! This a a wonderful fund raiser that you were instrumental in starting. Be Proud!
3. Loren JACK
Good luck tomorrow. Larry

Team Renee’s Rosey Cheeks