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In memory of Joseph R Douglas Jr (dad)

Jackyee Douglas

Jackyee Douglas

Why I Run

Right before my 15th birthday in 1998 we received the terrible news that my father had colon cancer he was 42 years old. He had to have a section if his colon removed and was on the bag. For 2.5 years he battled. When I was 17 right before I was to start my senior year of high school we got the news that he only had 2 weeks left. We flew to New Jersey on what would've been my first day of school. 4 days later on August 27, 2000 he passed. My last words to him were see you later. It is something I have been dealing with ever since. Not a day goes by that I dont think of him.

He is why I am participating in the Undy walk. Please help me reach my goal so other 17 year old daughters dont have to go through what I did.

I am participating in the Tampa Undy RunWalk on February 10, 2019 at Al Lopez Park.

Please support my involvement in the Undy RunWalk with a tax-deductible donation. Your support will help us prevent colorectal cancer and save lives.

For more information on the Undy Run/Walk, please visit Undyrunwalk.org or the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's website at CCAlliance.org.

Thanks for visiting my Undy Run/Walk page!


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Go Jackyee!!! This is such a great way to honor your Dad. ❤️